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Mindfulness Retreat

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The Retreat is an introduction to the foundations of Mindfulness Meditation. What often come in the way of our dream are deeply rooted habits of mind: negative automatic thoughts, negative emotions and subsequently unhelpful behaviours. Becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and behaviours, moment to moment, offers us choices to respond rather than react to automatic patterns. It is like switching off the automatic pilot and taking charge of the planning, the driving, and the destination, awake and fully present and in charge of our lives.

During the Mindfulness retreat, you will learn how to pay attention to being present, aware and accepting of what is inside and around you. You will learn to develop a caring and compassionate understanding of yourself and others. You will learn to apply Mindfulness Meditation in your daily life. This, in turn, will make life more enjoyable, interesting, vivid and fulfilling.

Mindfulness is taught and learnt through personal experiences of a range of formal and informal meditation practice. The teaching is experiential and there are many ways of learning the principles of Mindfulness by adapting them to your interests.

I am currently looking for a new venue so the next retreat is likely to take place in Spain, spring/autumn 2018. Please contact me if you are interested in future retreats.

For more information on Mindfulness Meditation see the Mindfulness page or contact me.