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There is so much information available out there as to how we can improve our well-being ranging from physical, emotional to spiritual pursuits. If you are like me, you will have tried and tested many different approaches with the view to feel better, be happier, achieve more, be more content, accepting and on goes the list. So, really, we should feel great, at all time, right? No is the short answer!

Our feelings and emotions operate on a continuum that ranges from positive to negative. When we experience positive emotions, we tend to associate them to well-being and when we experience negative emotions we tend to look for the reason why that might be the case, because if we can identify the cause, we can remove it, right?
The thing is, as a human being we are capable of experiencing a range of emotions and we are also capable of rationalising and justifying our own experiences, to fit our erroneous beliefs about pretty much anything, often not based on any solid knowledge or facts.

Our feelings and emotions are only a guide to how we perceive our experiences, not necessarily a reflection of whether the experience is positive or negative, or right or wrong, or good or bad. Often, we can't change our experiences, they are already happening when we judge them to be positive or negative. What we can change, however, is the way we perceive our experiences, so that, they no longer have a hold on us and lead us into well-worn path of more negative thoughts, emotions, and unhelpful behaviours.

Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness can teach us simple skills and exercises for well-being. If you are not sure whether these approaches can help you, get in touch and we can discuss your particular situation and I can explain t you how I work.